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Natural Minerals


Natural Regenarative Health Products

RegenX Naturals Family of Products

RegenX Naturals is a is a distribution platform for our own nutritional products and herbal tinctures. We do not offer any medical advice, nor treat or prescribe any products to individuals purchasing our products.

Creating products began in 2010 by Dr. Allan Lindsley and wife Katie to develop and create products that would help individuals suffering from pathogenic overgrowth, as well as general health and well-being products.

Our Focus Is On Natural Products for Regenerative Health

Each Formula was created based on a demand for high-quality natural medicine to support the body’s ability to heal from various pathogens and parasites. We focus on producing the highest quality herbal tinctures by using ethnically sourced certified organic raw materials to create an outstanding finished product. Our manufacturers produce tinctures in small batches, to ensure quality, consistency, and superior medicinal properties.

RegenX Naturals is always striving for excellence within all aspects of our company and the products we produce.

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